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Advanced vancomycin pharmacokinetics equations has never been this easy.

Accurate vancomycin dosing using classic pharmacokinetic equations can be both time consuming and error prone. We created this mobile vancomycin calculator to assist clinicians in calculating, evaluating, and validating an appropriate vancomycin dose.

Key Features

  • Calculate a vancomycin dose based on creatinine clearance, one trough level, or two vancomycin levels
  • Specify one of three therapeutic goals (trough 15-20 mcg/mL, trough 10-15 mcg/mL, or AUC:MIC > 400) consistent with the IDSA guidelines for MRSA infections

New updates are great and user friendly. I use it to be that extra "person" to bounce an idea/regimen off of.

By A Google User
  • Customize default infusion times, organism MIC, volume of distribution, and creatinine assay method (including IDMS)
  • Dynamically change dose, frequency, infusion time, or volume of distribution and evaluate the change in drug concentration in real-time
  • Graphically view the impact of a vancomycin loading dose or drug concentration accumulation as steady state is approached



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