FlashRX - Top 250 Drugs

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A new way to learn the top 250 drugs

FlashRX is a flashcard and quiz-based educational tool for healthcare students and professionals to learn the top 250 drugs.

What is a Top 250 Drug?

Pharmacy, nursing, and other healthcare professional schools often require students to learn key facts about a list of medications. This list may be called the "top 200 drugs", "top 300 drugs", or "drug cards".

Although there isn't a single, universal list of the top 200, 250, or 300 drugs, it is usually comprised on the most common outpatient medications based on net sales, total prescriptions, and unique or emerging therapeutic classes.

Simple, Intuitive Flashcards

Traditional drug cards are densely packed with excessive information that make them more like a book chapter than a learning tool. Instead of complicated drug cards, FlashRX focuses on simple, usable drug information with an intuitive interface to focus your time on developing your core knowledge.

Both flashcard and quiz modes allow you to study:

  • Brand name
  • Generic name
  • Drug class
  • Indications
  • Adverse effects
  • Typical dosing

Throughout the app, you can click the speaker icon () at any time to hear pronunciations of the generic and brand names.

Simple, intuitive flashcards
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Adaptive Learning

The Leitner 3-box adaptive learning system

All flashcards start in box 1. When a card is correctly answered, it is promoted to the next box. If a card is answered incorrectly, it is demoted back to Box 1.

FlashRX uses a 3-box Leitner adaptive-learning system. Higher priority is given to "Box 1" cards, fewer to "Box 2", and even fewer to "Box 3". Using this system, your time is focused on unlearned cards, but you are still given mastered cards for review to promote long-term retention.

Test Your Knowledge

FlashRX's quiz mode randomly identifies intelligent distractor answers on the fly. Because pre-set questions are not built into the app, you'll learn the drug information rather than memorize specific questions.

Drug pronunciation is hard

All 250 drugs have audio pronunciations of the brand and generic drug names from a real-life person -- just press the speaker icon built in throughout the app.

Test Your Knowledge
Customized Learning

Customize Learning

Organize any of the top 250 drugs into pre-built or customized drug groups. These groups can be turned off and off from the flashcard and quiz modes so that you can study exactly the drugs you want.

Customize the drug database

The database of 250 drugs is completely customizable. You can add or remove drugs, change drug information facts, and even record your own drug pronunciations. FlashRX's intuitive interface gets out of the way so that you can focus on learning about medications.

FlashRX - Top 250 Drugs Adaptive-Learning Flashcards and Quizzes

FlashRX - Ready for Download

This app is perfect for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, physician assistants, nurses, nursing students, physicians, medical students, and other healthcare professionals. The drug database is designed to aid in studying for both students in school and those preparing for standardized exams (eg, NAPLEX, BCPS, PTCB, ExCPT, PANCE/PANRE, NCLEX, USMLE, COMLEX).


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