ASCVD Pooled Cohort Risk Assessment Source Code

ASCVD Source Code for Web/Mobile App Developers

ASCVD Pooled Cohort Risk Assessment Equations Source Code

Source Code and Features

Are you interested in implementing the ACC/AHA ASCVD Pooled Cohort Risk Assessment Equations into your next programming project?

While the ASCVD algorithm is publically available for free, it can be extremely time consuming and frustrating to code on your own. We've taken the time to recreate the ASCVD Pooled Cohort Equations algorithm into a simple, easy-to-understand JavaScript implementation.

If you're interested jumpstarting your project by saving time and resources, request a price quote using the form at the bottom of this page.

Fully commented source code Example HTML/JS to get you started Free bonus ASCVD Lifetime Risk JavaScript Code

ASCVD Code for Excel Documents

This source code is intended for web and mobile app developers. If you are a researcher and have an Excel document or a database file, see our online 10-Year ASCVD Risk Generator for Excel Documents. This tool generates ASCVD values for Excel-based documents.


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Updated Jun 16, 2023
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