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RxHero for iOS: Educational Gaming of the Top 250 Drugs

Gamification - Motivate your studying by earning game points, ranks, and awards as you complete RxHero campaigns

ClinCalc is proud to announce a new iOS app — RxHero, an educational game for healthcare students and professional to learn the Top 250 Drugs.

Key Features of RxHero

  • Leverages simple gamification concepts (quest campaigns, in-game points, ranks) to motivate learners to continue to engage in studying
  • Uses the evidence-based ClinCalc DrugStats drug list top 250 drugs, which represents about 95% of all prescribed medications on the U.S. market
  • Adaptive, multi-modal learning to focus your attention on drug facts that are unlearned or difficult by presenting these drug facts in a variety of different ways (quiz questions, matching, and drug spelling)
  • Drug pronunciation is deeply integrated into the app so that you can hear the pronunciation of brand and generic names at any time while learning drug facts

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Incredible Update to Our Mobile Vancomycin Calculator (Android/iOS)

Vancomycin Calculator for Android and iOS Screenshot

Advanced vancomycin pharmacokinetics equations has never been this easy.

Our original Android-based Vancomycin Calculator was released in July 2011, followed a year later by our iPhone version.  In both mobile technology and the features of the website, a lot has changed in the last 2.5+ years.

Today, we’re proud to announce a full redesign of the popular Vancomycin Calculator by ClinCalc on Android and iOS devices. Continue reading