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The Top 250 Drugs – Online Pharmacotherapy Video Course

ClinCalc DrugStats Database has been a bit quiet over the past year.  Our Twitter account has been mute, email updates rare, and website updates sparse.

Why the radio silence?

We’ve been diligently working on an exciting new product for the past year.  Quite literally, HUNDREDS of hours have been poured into the conception, creation, and implementation of this amazing new product.  Given this massive undertaking, we’ve kept website and mobile app updates to a minimum in order to expedite our production schedule. Continue reading

Visualizing the ACC/AHA ASCVD Pooled Cohort Equations

ASCVD Pooled Cohort Equations Visualization Tool - By Risk Factor

The newest ACC/AHA ASCVD Pooled Cohort Equations has been a very hot topic lately.  Our free web-based ASCVD tool and mobile applications have been very well received.  A number of ClinCalc readers have asked for a better understanding of the Pooled Cohort Equations — how is an ASCVD calculated?  How “strong” is each risk factor?

To help clinicians understand the new Pooled Cohort Equations, we’ve released a fantastic new visualization and graphing tool.  The tool is intended for the advanced clinician who wants to delve deeper into the equations and visualize the tool in a novel, interactive way.

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New Web-Based 10-Year ASCVD Risk Calculator (Pooled Cohort Equations)

ASCVD Calculator for Android and iOS



At ClinCalc, we’re very proud to announce the availability of both a web-based 10-year ASCVD Risk Calculator (also termed the Pooled Cohort Equations Calculator).  This risk assessment tool is recommended by the newly published 2013 ACC/AHA cholesterol guidelines to estimate 10-year risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD).

Learn the Top 200 Drugs with FlashRX on iPhone and Android

FlashRX by ClinCalc - adaptive-learning flashcards and quizzes for the top 200 drugs

There’s nothing that smells sweeter than a freshly based mobile app for medical education.  Our newest app, FlashRX by ClinCalc, is no exception!

As a professor, I commonly see frustrated students with complicated drug cards that provide excessive, non-prioritized information.  Instead of these complicated drug cards, FlashRX’s drug database focuses on simple, usable information to develop a core knowledge base. This emphasis on practical knowledge will improve learning and comprehension of the top 200 drugs.

Click here to read more about FlashRX and download it for your iPhone or Android mobile device.

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New Calculator – Phenytoin Correction for Concurrent Valproic Acid

Phenytoin (PHT) and valproic acid (VPA) compete for the same binding sites on albumin.  In patients taking both PHT and VPA, the free fraction of phenytoin will be increased, which causes a total PHT level to falsely represent a patient’s active PHT status.

To supplement the recent video on Total vs. Free Phenytoin and the existing correction calculator for hypoalbuminemia, a new correction calculator for concurrent valproic acid has been released.

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