RxHero for iOS: Educational Gaming of the Top 250 Drugs

Gamification - Motivate your studying by earning game points, ranks, and awards as you complete RxHero campaigns

ClinCalc is proud to announce a new iOS app — RxHero, an educational game for healthcare students and professional to learn the Top 250 Drugs.

Key Features of RxHero

  • Leverages simple gamification concepts (quest campaigns, in-game points, ranks) to motivate learners to continue to engage in studying
  • Uses the evidence-based ClinCalc DrugStats drug list top 250 drugs, which represents about 95% of all prescribed medications on the U.S. market
  • Adaptive, multi-modal learning to focus your attention on drug facts that are unlearned or difficult by presenting these drug facts in a variety of different ways (quiz questions, matching, and drug spelling)
  • Drug pronunciation is deeply integrated into the app so that you can hear the pronunciation of brand and generic names at any time while learning drug facts

Drug Facts Included in RxHero

RxHero provides content on the top 250 drugs (currently the DrugStats database 19.1) with a focus on the following elements of drug therapy:

  1. Brand name
  2. Generic name
  3. Drug class
  4. Indications
  5. Pharmacologic mechanism of action
  6. Common adverse effects
  7. Rare, serious adverse effects
  8. Boxed warnings
  9. Key counseling pearls
  10. Notable drug interactions

Try RxHero For FREE

RxHero is currently available in the iOS App Store for free.  This free version provides access to the “Cardiovascular” drug section (37 drugs) with the ability to add the remaining 250 drugs from 11 drug sections via an in-app purchase.

Click here to learn more about RxHero

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