Add Brand/Generic Drug Names to Microsoft Office Word with the ClinCalc DrugSpell Dictionary File

By default, Microsoft Word and other Office products do not contain brand and generic medication names within the spelling dictionary.  For healthcare providers who conduct medical writing, publications, or PowerPoint lectures, this can lead to embarrassing spelling errors that are not captured by the spell check.

Spell checking drug names like atorvastatin (Lipitor®) can be frustrating. Avoid spelling errors (and the dreaded red squiggly lines) with the ClinCalc DrugSpell dictionary file. It’s free!

Introducing the ClinCalc DrugSpell Dictionary File

To solve this problem, ClinCalc is proud to announce the creation of the DrugSpell Dictionary File — a custom dictionary that can be easily added to Word and other Microsoft Office products that contains both the trade name (brand names) and generic names (non-proprietary active ingredients) of nearly every prescription and over-the-counter medication approved in the United States.

DrugSpell is created by combining brand/generic drug names and established pharmacologic class data from the FDA’s Orange Book and the National Drug Code.  Words are extracted, sanitized, and duplicates are removed to create a succinct dictionary file that includes just over 7,000 drug terms.

How to Install ClinCalc DrugSpell

The DrugSpell Dictionary File is completely free and easily installs into Microsoft Office as a custom dictionary.  To learn more and download the dictionary file for installation, visit the link below:

Download the DrugSpell Dictionary File

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