ICU Trials Passes 100 Landmark Studies

Summarized landmark critical care trials on your mobile device is proud to announce that ICU Trials by ClinCalc, a mobile application that summarizes landmark critical care trials, has surpassed 100 studies in the app database!

With our most recent update on April 18th, the following recent and historic landmark trials were added:

  • MIDEX (2012): Dexmedetomidine vs. midazolam for mechanical ventilation
  • PAC-Man (2005): Efficacy of PA catheters in ICU patients
  • FEAST (2011): Fluid boluses in African children with severe infection
  • VSE (2013): Vasopressin, steroids, and epinephrine during cardiac arrest
  • MOPETT (2012): Alteplase for moderate PE
  • Brochard (1994): T-piece, SIMV, or PSV for ventilator weaning

ICU Trials is a quick pocket reference for both the novice and seasoned ICU clinician. It does not replace the original manuscript of these landmark trials – instead, it serves as a fast reference and learning tool for some of the most important critical care trials over a wide range of specialties. Click here to learn more and download our ICU Trials app for Android and iPhone.

2 thoughts on “ICU Trials Passes 100 Landmark Studies

  1. Glen

    Interestingly the Australian Apple app store lists your app as last being updated in Feb 2014. Is there a difference in geographical versions as to the content?

    1. Sean P. Kane Post author

      The app actually updates the database file by downloading a new file within the app itself (not requiring an app update in iTunes). This method allows for the trial database to be updated quickly without going through the entire approval process for new apps.


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