Aminoglycoside Calculator – Now Available!

Aminoglycosides have a narrow therapeutic window necessitating therapeutic drug monitoring for safe and effective use.  Either fortunately or unfortunately, their use has fallen out of favor and many clinicians are now less familiar with dosing these agents.  Combining unfamiliarity with complex pharmacokinetic calculations, the risk of medication errors with aminoglycosides is extremely high.  For these reasons, I have developed a new addition to ClinCalc — the aminoglycoside calculator.

After looking through other online-based aminoglycoside calculators, I truly feel that this is the most feature-rich calculator online without compromising simplicity of use.  The features of this calculator include:

  • Familiar interface based on the extremely popular vancomycin calculator
  • Empirically dose an aminoglycoside based on extended-interval or conventional dosing
  • Built-in extended-interval nomograms, including the Hartford, Barnes-Jewish, Rochester, and Urban-Craig methods
  • Adjust a dose based on a variety of different types of aminoglycoside level scenarios
  • Dosing available for three of the most popular aminoglycosides — gentamicin, tobramycin, and amikacin

With all the new calculators, the front page of ClinCalc has also seen a facelift, with new categories and ways to sort all the available clinical calculators:

I wanted to thank everyone that has provided support on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  The growing support is extremely encouraging and very much appreciated!

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