Glucose Infusion Rate (GIR) Calculator

GIR calculator for parenteral nutrition

Patient Parameters

Body weight

Dextrose Source

Infusion rate


2 mg/kg/min

Patient Parameters

Ideal body weight 56.9 kg
Actual body weight 67 kg
118% above IBW
Nutritional body weight 67 kg

About This Calculator

Glucose infusion rate is a measure of how quickly the patient receives carbohydrates. Typically, this number should be less than 4 mg/kg/min in order to prevent hyperglycemia and steatosis.1

This calculator uses the following equation to determine a glucose infusion rate:

GIR = (Concentration, g/100 mL) x (Infusion rate, mL/hr) x (1000 mg/g)
(Weight, kg) x (60 min/hr)

References and Additional Reading

  1. Guenst JM, Nelson LD. Predictors of total parenteral nutrition-induced lipogenesis. Chest. 1994;105(2):553-9. PMID 8306762.


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Updated Nov 10, 2018

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