NAPLEX First-Time Pass Rates

West Coast University

Comparison to National Pass Rates (2018)

Ranked 133rd out of 134 schools

In 2018, 65.5% of students from West Coast University passed the NAPLEX on the first attempt compared to a national rate of 89.1%. For comparison, in the same year:

132 schools had a HIGHER pass rate
0 schools had the SAME pass rate
1 school had a LOWER pass rate

Overall Historical Pass Rates (2018-2018)


BELOW the Average ± SD

From 2018 to 2018, West Coast University averaged a first-time NAPLEX pass rate of 65.5%. This pass rate is BELOW the mean (±SD) of the average national pass rate for the same time period.

<89.1%89.1% to 89.1%>89.1%

Key Distinctions

Bottom 10%
Newer School

Raw Pass Rates by Year

Year # Attempts School Pass Rate Nat'l Pass Rate Rank
2018 29 65.5%89.1± 7.8%133rd of 134


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Updated Jul 19, 2018
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