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ClinCalc.com is dedicated to creating functional, evidence-based resources for healthcare providers

Evidence-Based Medicine Isn't Easy

Modern medicine is becoming increasingly complex and specialized. While clinical decision support systems, such as this website, cannot replace a clinician, they can be valuable tools to augment the quality of care. ClinCalc.com was specifically designed for the clinician seeking to utilize and understand the most recent evidence-based medicine to improve patient care.

ClinCalc.com Credo

All of the resources on or affiliated with ClinCalc.com follow with these basic principles:

  • Evidence-based information with an emphasis on teaching
  • Clinically relevant, practical material and therapeutic recommendations
  • Supplementary information and resources to complement resources
  • Simple, straightforward user interfaces

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Website Disclaimer

Please read this website's disclaimer for more information about the usage of ClinCalc.com. It is very important to note that all clinical tools on ClinCalc.com are intended to be used in conjunction with reasonable clinical judgment. An electronic tool cannot assess the clinical picture and patient-specific factors.

About the Author

Sean P. Kane is a clinical pharmacist, associate professor, and passionate advocate of evidence-based medicine. He received his Doctor of Pharmacy from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana and completed two years of pharmacy residency specializing in critical care. ClinCalc.com and all content is copyrighted property of ClinCalc LLC.

Sean P. Kane, PharmD, BCPS

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